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Why Sell to ABS?
ABS offers top dollar buyouts on your credit card processor portfolios. Are you looking to sell off a partial or complete line of your merchants? We have a fulll customer service center that will make sure your merchants are well taken care of in the event you do decide in a buyout offer. Our seasoned team of services professionals will offer around the clock support so you know that your merchant portfolio you worked so hard to build will be well taken care of.

Credit Card Processor Portfolios We Buy

  • Selling First Data Portfolios
  • Buying Portfolios with TSYS
  • Elavon, Transfirst, Clearent, EPS, EMS, Global Payments
  • Bankcard USA, Humbodlt, Powerpay, EVO Payments
  • Chase Paymenttech, iPayment, Amex, CoCard
  • High Risk Merchant Account Portfolios
  • Vantiv, Total Merchant Services, National Bancard
  • North American Bankcard,BluePay, Nuvei, Pivotal Payments
  • ACH Processing ATM Portfolios are also Purchased

Top Dollars Highest Multiples Paid

Are you wondering how much your portfolio is worth and how much you will be paid? Maximum dollar amounts and cash upfront will be paid based on an evaluation of your portfolio. There are many factors we look at when we make an offer. Typically the multiple can be anywhere from 12 months to 48 months or more depending on the types of merchants you have. SOme of the factors that we will evaluate and make an offer on include:

  • Age of Merchants in the Portfolio and the Loss or Acquiring rate
  • Analasys of the length of time the portfolio an daccounts have been in existance
  • Profit margins, Average Monthly Residual Stream
  • Partial or Full Portfolio Sale
  • Small Portfolios and Large Portfolio Purchases are Welcome

What You Need to Complete the Sale

Typically a copy of your iso or agent agreement will be needed, along with a non disclosure agreement. Most processors have a right of first refusal in their agreements and you will need to present the offer to the processor for review. In most cases after you have supplied us with a spreadsheet of your merchants to do the analysis we can have an offer presented to you in as little as 1-3 business days.