Equipment Leasing Options

You will have the ability to offer your customers leases on most processing equipment. Leases are still one of the best ways for agents like you to make additional money selling merchant services.

Leasing Benefits:

Every leasing company will require their merchants to either place the credit card machine on their business insurance, or pay a few extra dollars to have the leasing company insure it. Whatever the case may be, if anything were to happen to the machine, we would replace it instantly. Peace of mind comes to your merchants.

Leasing equipment will allow your merchant to pay for their machine over an allotted period, elevating some possible strains on business expenses.

Less Pressured Sales:
Your customer is expecting you to walk into their store and sell them as if you were a car salesperson. When you take a different approach than expected, your customer will stop and listen, possibly helping you close the deal.

Leave it in their hands. Ask your customer if they would like to lease or purchase and give them the 2 prices, this way you are giving them choices. This helps your customer decide what is right for them, and gives you more validation as a sales representative.

Determining Leasing Prices and Payout

What is a fair price that I can offer to my customer at the same time, allowing me to make a profit?

First, ask yourself; what did you pay for the terminal?

Second, what indication have you picked up from the customer? If they could truly give you a fair price on a lease, what they would say?

Good rule of thumb is always offering the same lease price and purchase price for the same kind of equipment, and don't get greedy. We know you want to make money; however, we do not want to put customers out of business because they could not afford their lease anymore. Here is an example:

Purchase Price for You: $300.00

Offering Purchase Price: $795.00 OR
Offer Lease Amount: $49.95 X 48 Months

Look at your lease grades.
If their credit were a B score (which is very typical) then you would fund $1500.00**

Offer Lease Amount: $29.95 (to beat your competition)
Credit Score B: You would fund $885.00**

** This doesn't factor in any up-front cash bonuses!

A note about leasing:

Many companies still are having their agents sell leases for $99-$150.00 a month for 48 months. We do not encourage, nor support those kinds of sales reps. If you feel, you can write a $150.00 lease for 48 months to a customer, knowing that your price was only $300.00 you are not the kind of agent we are looking for.

We want you to succeed and grow with us, as well as your merchants. We have been in business for 10 years now, and strive to ensure our merchants do business with us for the next 10 years. If leasing is the way they need to go, for whatever reason, great! Nevertheless, when deciding what to charge your merchant, please remember: referrals are key!

If your customer is happy with you, they just might tell another business. If they are unhappy, they will tell a hundred!

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